Cindy Watson » Welcome


Hi! I am Miss Watson. This year will be my 18th year teaching Kindergarten at this school. As you can tell, I LOVE this school. I have a little dog. Her name is Little girl, but we also call her Moppy. My favorite thing to do is reading. I also come from a Disney family. We visit there as often as we can.
I am so happy to be your child's teacher this year. 
Please watch here for our kindergarten Parent Orientation
Important Dates!!!
August 9 - Meet, Greet & Go for parents- ONE adult per student ONLY can come to the room to meet me, see the room and get our classroom packet.  This meet & greet is not for children.  This will be a quick meeting if you want to come.  All of the paperwork will be available digitally as well.  4 pm. 
August 10 & 11 - Phase-in days - 1/2 the class comes each day.  Check with me to find out which day your child comes.  Only one grown-up can walk the child to class on the assigned phase-in day.  Students can ride the bus if you choose but you will need to put their first and last name, my name, and bus number taped onto their shirt and/or backpack.  Make sure you send a water bottle, as we do not have access to a water fountain!
August 12 - Everyone comes to school!! 

All RCS students receive free breakfasts and lunches.