Welcome to Carmody’s Casbah!


The link below will take you to the 3rd grade resources for COVID-19. These will be updated weekly. 

Please email me or dojo me if you have any questions. Also, please remember these are all resources for you and your child and not required in any way.




My email is carmodyj@rcschools.net


Your child will also have access to iReady Reading during this shutdown. This is an incredible resource they are giving us access to, so please use it as much as possible. They will log into iReady the same way they normally do - through Clever. Then they will use their log in to access it. 45 minutes a week per subject (Reading and Math) is ideal, but of course, not required by any means.



username: jcarmody1234@student.rcschools.net

password: lunch number


Again, if you need your child's log in information, please email or Dojo me and I can send it to you!! :)