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So glad to have your child at RWA!!

Rutherford County Schools has begun the process of creating systems of support linked directly to the needs of our students. These systems provide all students with timely and targeted interventions, both academic and behavioral, based upon the results of universal screening. The term “universal” simply means the screening is for all students at a school.  


Universal behavior screening helps school staff to determine which students may be “at risk” or in need of additional supports. This is important because we know that early identification of at-risk students and focused intervention can help prevent problems which interfere with success in school later on. The use of universal screening strengthens our efforts to help all of our students be successful. 


The universal behavior screening tool, called the SRSS - IE (Student Risk Screening Scale - Internalizing and Externalizing) is completed by the student's teacher.  Students are not directly involved in the screening process. The results of the tool will be used to provide identified students the opportunity for mentoring, social skill building, self-monitoring, study skills, or other instructional supports to help them engage positively in learning. You will be notified if your student is selected for participation in a positive intervention program or support.  


Students will be bringing home a letter today or tomorrow with more information. If you do not want your student to be a part of this screener, please complete the form and send it back to the teacher. You only need to send the form back if you do not want your student to participate.  It would be a good idea to also send a Dojo message to the student's teacher letting he/she know you are returning the opt-out form.